The Science of EPIC

The Science of EPIC

What we measure

EPIC™ measures a wide array of indicators, not just about your company but also about each individual, whether they participate in answering the anonymous surveys or not.

Total Data Points Measured

Company Dimensions

Company Sub Dimensions

Company Indexes

Impact Levels

Personal Dimensions

Personal Indexes

Essential Factors

Engagement Levels

Company Levels & Dimensions

Happines Index

This Index measures all the accumulated answers of the surveys regarding how people feel on a daily basis.

Climate Index

This index measures the overall perception of the organizational climate and how relaxed or tense the office feels.

Consistency Level

This index is the average of the scores of Performance and Culture that each individual or company has. The higher the level of these 2 dimensions, the higher the perceived consistency level that people have in the individual, the team or the company.

Reliability Level

This index is the average of the scores of Credibility, Respect and Equality that each individual or company has. The higher the level of these 3 dimensions, the higher the reliability level that people have in the individual, the team or the company.

Rooted Level

This index is the average of the scores of Identity, Fellowship and Wellbeing that each individual or company has. The higher the level of these 3 dimensions, the more rooted and identified an individual will be perceived as being in their company, their team and their job.

EPIC Index

This index measures the general perception of the company´s employees. It´s the index of the organizational climate and the average of all the  dimensions mentioned earlier. The EPIC Index is the overall qualification and summary of the company’s or individual performance. 

15 Essential Factors

EPIC™ measures 15 essential factors that are present in every organization.

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Confidence in the Person or Organization

Trust-in-the-personConfidence, both in the people and the company we work at, is one of the fundamental values in order for us to feel safe enough in our environment to develop and grow. This factor analyzes the level of confidence among the individuals and the company as a social organism. This is where we assess whether the company is a place in which people need to be alert and “careful” towards others or whether it´s an environment in which cooperation, trust and safety are the norms that define the company’s culture.

Feedback & Recognition

FeedbackWhen a company has a high level of feedback and recognition, it generally has a culture that invites people to make their maximum effort, as they know they will receive recognition for doing so. This factor analyzes how often the company provides feedback and recognition. It also evaluates the quality of both factors to determine whether the employees feel that their environment at work provides enough feedback and recognition or whether these two factors have a low impact on generating a culture of continuous growth and improvement.


InnovationThis factor measures how much the company is focused on innovation and how avant-garde its processes, ideas, decisions and actions are. It examines whether the company is open to change, new ideas, processes and developments or whether it´s a company that does not encourage its employees to “think outside the box”. This is where we analyze how dynamic and flexible the company culture is. This factor also assesses the perception of people in relation to how progressive the company is in its operation, how prepared and willing it is to change its structures and how it adapts, or not, to current trends, behaviors and technologies.


LeadershipLeadership within a company is one of the key factors, as the leaders are the ones in charge of steering the company in the right direction. In this factor we measure the employees´ perception regarding the level of direction given by the decision-makers. This is where we evaluate how guided the members of the company feel and how they perceive the quality of that leadership, its containment, direction and guidance. This factor assesses the quality of the communication, as well as the orders, control and feedback given by the people in charge of decision making within the teams and the different company departments.


ManagementThis factor measures the perception people have regarding the administrative behavior of management. It assesses the delegation of tasks, how people are being promoted and the behavior of the company leaders. It also analyzes management’s activities and execution. Here is where you’ll find people´s perception regarding the performance of management teams when executing their tasks. It measures how efficient and effective these management teams are at handling company resources.

Service & Quality
ServiceThe level of quality and service given to both internal and external clients usually goes hand in hand with the feelings of pride, affection and respect towards one’s work, team and company. This is where we measure the level and quality of service provided. This factor evaluates how things are being done in the company, as well as the type of service, quality and attention to detail given to both internal and external clients.
Work Life Balance
This factor measures the consciousness of the company regarding the creation of spaces to allow employees to have a healthy balance between their work and private lives. It evaluates whether the company is one in which people can take care of their personal life or basically live for work only. It analyzes the attitude, interest and engagement of management, as well as the corporate culture regarding the time and general activities of its members.
Collaboration & Communication

CollaborationThis is the value that has the greatest impact on the level of clarity perceived by people in relation to other individuals and the organization. This is where we evaluate the quality of communication among all parts of the organization. It also measures the level of interaction between individuals and groups, as well as how open and effective the communication is within the company. It assesses the willingness of people to work and interact with other individuals, areas and teams. This factor also analyzes the behavior of people while performing their daily activities. This is where we can determine whether it´s a company and culture that collaborates or whether it´s a company that values individuality more than teamwork.


EnablementThis is where we assess to what extent the company, management, processes and policies help facilitate work, as well as action-taking, and to what extent it actually controls and limits performance. This factor measures how complex or how easy it is to execute functions within the company. It rates the perception of the employees regarding the level of complexity or ease that exists in order to perform tasks, take actions and achieve goals and objectives. This will show how dynamic or how rigid the company is in terms of its processes, actions and making decisions. When a company has a strong enablement, or ease of action, it usually allows for more innovation and the birth of ideas and initiatives.

Human Character

Human-CharacterHuman character is the highest representation there is of each and everyone of us. This factor measures to what extent people within the company act with a high level of consciousness in relation to their environment and the people around them. Here, we assess how much people follow the universal values, such as the Golden Rule, which suggests that we should treat people as we would like to be treated ourselves. This is also the place where we analyze how impartial, fair and even-handed we are when interacting with other people and groups.



This is one of the most essential factors in order to generate an integrated team. When people are involved in what they do, there is passion, dedication, will and enthusiasm while striving for excellence. Here, we measure the level of involvement of the assessed parts in the progress and development of the company. This factor determines the perception of individuals regarding their level of interest and commitment to their work, groups and the company.

Learning & Development

LearningThis is one of the values that has the greatest impact on human capital retention and measures the level of training and development available to employees. It also assesses how people feel about the training they receive and the career path designed for them within the company. Its reveals their perception regarding training, learning, improving and acquiring new skills, as well as the level of company encouragement towards their growth.


SatisfactionThis factor indicates how fair and equitable people find the exchange between two parties. When it´s perceived as fair, people will generally feel satisfied with that interaction. Therefore, this factor measures how happy people are with respect to actions, policies, measures and processes within the company. This is where we evaluate the level of happiness of people regarding the general behavior of the company, its leaders and staff when dealing with other members of the organization.

Social Connection

SocialCoexistence among individuals is vital in order for us to feel “at home” and part of our environment. So, this factor assesses the depth of social relationships among individuals within the company. It measures how far beyond the workplace these relationships go and whether they become significant relationships that have a higher impact on the people working there. This is where we analyze whether the company is a place for people to create meaningful personal relationships or not.

Maximize your greatest resource: People. 


I’m a big fan of Clarity Wave. People spend 40+ hours/week at their job and if those hours can be happier, people will be more productive and companies will add more to their bottom line. We try to track everything else in a company to maximize productivity and output, why wouldn’t we do it with our greatest resource? 

People. Clarity Wave. Must have.
Amy Kauffman


Amazing piece of software to keep up with the pulse of my employees
Clarity Wave is definitely a must have in any human resource department’s tool kit small or large. 
Even though I am a small business I definitely see the overall value and ROI in investing in a great software product as this to stay abreast of my employees morale and issues that they have. I was pleasantly surprised by receiving a phone call from one of the owners after sending an email about some additional feature I was looking for. Overall, a great piece of software with very impressive customer service.
Kevin Sitek


This tool is like no other I have ever seen. It is designed to capture the mood in our company at regular intervals or when something potentially significant happens.

It takes everyone minutes to tap a few sliders or smiley faces and the tool reports the consolidated feelings of the team. It is gamified and anonymous so we are getting unprecedented engagement from the staff.
Now I can find out how our employees REALLY feel about our company’s future, their job, their supervisor, their team mates, our new strategy or various initiatives, even the quality of the food in the canteen.
Try it – you will be amazed!
Patricia O'Sullivan


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