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The origin of Clarity Wave and why we’re so passionate about helping your company

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Multinational Team

Our team is multinational and, more importantly, multi-cultural.
This is especially important when dealing with employees from different backgrounds.


Our high-touch, white-glove service means that you are always our first priority.
We don’t just sell you our service, we get invested in your company’s success. Every step of the way.

Problem Solvers

Our award-winning production team of video producers and designers is always coming up with ways to teach, coach and train you and your staff.

Customer Support

We’re always just a phone call or email away. And your staff can also engage us directly with any question they may have. We love communicating with our users!

Our Story

Clarity Wave was founded by brothers, Robert & Alex Moutal after looking for a specific kind of software that would help Alex lower the turnover rate at his business, Häagen Dazs.

Having found none that would fit his company’s needs, they decided to create their own. But that wasn’t until, after more than 100 interviews with Human Resource managers, industrial coaches and psychologists and owners of several companies, they realized that there was a need for this type of service which extended far beyond the 25 ice cream stores spread all over Mexico.

They soon realized that, in order to turn this idea into a business, they needed their software to meet very specific requirements and focused their attention on building exactly what they needed (see chart on the right)

  • Easy to use 97%
  • In English and Spanish 100%
  • Affordable 92%
  • Fun to use (gamified) 93%
  • Information in Real time 92%
  • Valuable for the Employees 100%
  • High participation rate 96%
Alex Moutal

Alex Moutal

President & Co-Founder

Alex navigates effortlessly the waters of the hospitality business.

Involved in the business of happiness for over 20 years with Häagen-Dazs, his approach has been not only to bring joy to his customers but also to promote a positive work environment.
With a degree in Business Administration from the Universidad Anáhuac and a Master of Hospitality restauranteur from NYU, he worked at the prestigious The Palm group in New York and today co-owns 22 branches and is a partner of Häagen-Dazs, Mexico.
Robert Moutal

Robert Moutal

CEO & Co-Founder

Passionate about creativity, technology and business, Robert has grown as an executive, TV producer, theater director, TV host, musician and writer.

Comfortable, both behind the camera and in front, Robert has won 16 Emmy Awards for his performance in television.
As General Manager of Telemundo San Diego, Robert developed his leadership skills by managing more than 100 employees on both sides of the border.
Along with his brother, Alex, he founded in 2014 Clarity Wave®.
Jose Fuentes

Jose Fuentes

CSO & Senior Consultant

Jose is a Bachelor of Industrial Design from Universidad Anahuac and graduated with honors from the Master of Business Administration from the University of Phoenix.

He has diplomas in Organizational Development, Strategic Negotiation and Effective Communication; as well as specialized courses in e-Business, Superior Leadership, Sales Processes, Strategic Planning, Project Management and Marketing.
He has held executive positions in leading companies in Mexico and the United States. Currently CEO of Proba-7 Group, a consulting partner at B & V Retail Management and a consultant at Clarity Wave.
Mitchell Alvarez

Mitchell Alvarez

Director of Sales, Spain & Latin America

A professional of Information Technology, with experience in the area of Human Resources, Mitchell has extensive knowledge of strategies applicable to the collection, development, training, talent assessment and coaching technology. He’s also a huge proponent of collaborative tools for managing key 2.0 projects, using the methodology of the HCMBOK project Change Management.

Mitchell has a specialization in Project Management using PMI methodology from the University of Salamanca and is currently completing a specialization in Human Resources focusing on the alignment of New Technologies at the European University Miguel de Cervantes.
He’s also the founder of The People Jobs blog where he provides a space to discuss all current topics related to Human Resources
Saskia de Winter

Saskia de Winter

Psychotherapist, Master Coach & Senior Consultant

Saskia de Winter is the Founding Partner and General Manager of Saskia de Winter Training SC, a firm established for corporate and individual training in Mexico, with certifications from the US, Great Britain and Israel and international experience.

Saskia is a Gestalt Psychotherapist and humanist who has a solid training structure in various specialties and national and international certifications, such as corporate leadership, Ontological Coaching and team creativity and innovation, NLP, among others.
Saskia is an expert at diagnosing the potential of individuals and teams as well as designing and developing training courses and executive programs in human development. She also lectures on leadership for results, increased sales, teamwork and human behavior for extraordinary achievements.
Saskia has a innate vision for business and extensive experience in consulting with Mexican and multinational companies. She has a global vision of business and speaks five languages (Spanish, English, French, German and Italian) as a result of her diverse work experience and training in different countries such as: Germany, Japan, United States, Venezuela, Uruguay, Israel, England and Mexico.